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Import Pleo Expenses into OS/
Import Pleo Expenses into OS/

OS/ automatically imports Pleo Expenses every 5 minutes if the Pleo OS/ Integration is enabled.

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Export Pleo Expenses for OS/

Project assignment for OS/ in Pleo

OS/ automatically maintains a Tags Group called "Project (OS/)" in Pleo (Pleo/ Settings/ Accounting/ Tags).



Expense/ Tag/ Project (OS)

OS/ Projects

The Pleo Tag Group is showing all running OS/ Projects. Tags for closed or canceled projects are archived. The originator ("Owner") of the Pleo expense can choose the corresponding OS/ Project in the Expense Details.

Please take into account that manually added Pleo Tags cannot assign OS/ Projects to an Pleo Expense!

User assignment for OS/ in Pleo

Pleo users are compared to OS/users based on their email. For working automations we highly recommend to use the same Auth provider and same emails for all users.




OS/ Settings/ Staff/ Email


OS/ maps all relevant Pleo datapoints to OS/. In some cases, the Pleo datapoints are stored, but not visible in the OS/ frontend to e.g. pass them to a post integration in a later step.




Pleo + Expense Type + ID

OS/ Receipt/ Number

Expense/ Owner

OS/ Receipt/ Staff

Expense/ Authorised

OS/ Receipt/ Date

Expense/ Total

OS/ Receipt/ Gross amount

Pleo + Expense Type + Merchant + Account + Note

OS/ Receipt/ Notes

OS/ Receipt/ Net amount

The net amount conversion is based on the Pleo Tax rate and expense gross amount.

Expense/ Tags/ Project (OS/)

OS/ Receipt/ Project

Expense/ Receipts

OS/ Receipt/ Files

Expense/ Settled

OS/ Receipt/ Paid

Expense/ Merchant

OS/ Receipt/ Vendor


Auto compliance approval

Exported Pleo Expenses are automatically marked as "Compliant" in OS/.



Export/ Exported

Compliant = True

Auto content approval

If the originator ("Owner") of the Pleo Expense is identical with the "Project Leader" or "Project Supervisor" of the OS/ Project, the Pleo expense is automatically marked as "Content Approved" in OS/.



Expense/ Owner

Projekt Leader
Projekt Supervisor

Must Match

Expense/ Tag/ Project (OS)


Must Match

Auto set as payed

The Pleo Expenses "Settled" date is automatically set as the "Paid" date in OS/.

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