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Setup the OS/ Pleo Integration
Setup the OS/ Pleo Integration

The OS/ Pleo Integration can pull receipts, allow project assignment directly in Pleo, ease approvals and provide additional DATEV metadata.

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Get your API Token

Login to Pleo and get your API Token

First of all, get your API credentials. Login into your Pleo Account ( and navigate to "Settings", "Open API" like shown in the below Screenshot.

Generate a new OS/ API Token

Klick "Create Token".

Label your token and describe the integration for which you are using it. You can type "OS/" for both fields.

Click the copy button right next to the API Token and save it in a secure place (It is just displayed once!). Finish the dialog by clicking "I saved it".

Enable the OS/ Pleo Integration

Login to OS/ and add our Pleo Integration

Login to your OS/ Workspace and click "Settings" underneath your Workspace ({yourworkspace}/integrations).

Navigate to "Integrations" and click "+Add" right next to the OS/ Pleo Integration.

Paste your Pleo API Token and click "Save Integration". Optionally you can invite all OS/ Staff top Pleo automatically.

Your OS/ Pleo integration is running now and waiting for exported receipts.

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